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According to liberals, the country is divided since Trump too office,. If this is true, then it must mean it was united under when Obama was in office. If so many people were united so much for a progressive liberal then why did so many of them vote for Trump and not another liberal?

According to liberals, Trump is crazy, no one likes him, no one trusts him, he is ruining the country, other nations hate him, he is anti-everything, etc. An yet, they are desperately trying to find a way, someone, or something that will stop him from being reelected. If he is all they say he is, it should be an easy win for them.

Selective outrage

Why should citizens or the government of the United States be concerned about Jamal Khashoggi, a self-exiled, independent, dissident journalist who lived in the United States but was a citizen of Saudi Arabia and was murdered in Turkey by citizens of Saudi Arabia? Why is the United States condemned by the media for not taking some action against Saudi Arabia? Why are other counties in the region not condemned for not acting against Saudi Arabia? Could the answer be as simple as American politics and the media?

Shadow people

Ever heard of shadow people? These are the wispy figures that appear in dark shadows or appear in your peripheral vision. They are usually described as
  • Tall, slender, bipedal figures.
  • Dark, one-dimensional shadows.
  • Not quite a fully human form or without any detailed facial or body features.
  • Wearing a hat and a trench coat or a cape.
  • Having glowing red or orange eyes. 
Some may be similar to the Outlier logo of this blog.

When you first notice shadow people, you have an ominous feeling about them and may freeze, and, as you watch them closely, they also don't move. When you turn a light on them, they disappear, and when you remove the light, they don't reappear. Much like the Weeping Angles in the BBC television show Doctor Who, shadow people only seem to move when you are not looking at them.

What are shadow people? Some say they are extraterrestrials, demons or other spirits, astral bodies, time travelers, interdimensional beings, or just figments of imagination. More likely, the reason for seeing shadow people is the same reason we see the face of a man on the surface of the moon or mars or we see the image of Jesus on a wall or on a piece of burned toast or we see the image of Satan in a cloud of smoke; it's called pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. While at first, something may seem to be just a random assemblage of shapes and colors, once you pick out or have pointed out an object in the clutter, you see it and cannot unsee it. Likewise, a random noise may sound like a word if you are told to listen for the word. Numerous examples of pareidolia can be found on the internet. 

Humans have evolved to quickly identify the human shape, as well as the shapes of other animals in their environment because they may be potential threats. Camouflage clothing works not because it hides the soldier from view, but because it hides the shape of the soldier.

Maybe there is another explanation for shadow people. Maybe they are manifestations of outliers who are studying other humans in an effort to understand why they say, do, and believe such stupid things, such as the existence of shadow people.


Remember when the media reported? Now they reportedly.


Last Friday, President Trump issued three executive orders aimed at getting rid of low-performing federal workers. The orders promote basing employment on merit rather than tenure, encourage agencies to fire employees instead of suspending them, and encourage workers to devote at least 75 percent of their time on direct job duties.

J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), a union for federal workers, said the orders were “a classic example of this administration’s attack and assault on women, attack and assault on minorities.” So, getting rid of low-performing workers is an attack on women and minorities.

If this is true, then who are the high-performing workers?

All the answers

We should only elect political commentators and columnists to public office. They are the only ones who know what's the best thing to do for every situation and how it should be done.

The media

The media no longer report what happened; they report what could have happened, might have happened, would have happened, should have happened, etc. Instead of facts, they report rumors, gossip, hearsay, speculations, insinuations, feelings, judgments, impressions, opinions, social media, etc. Their purpose is no longer to inform; it is to persuade.

Ban killer cars

In Arizona over the weekend, a self-driving Uber car killed a woman who was crossing the street. The vehicle was operating in autonomous mode when it struck her but there was a human in the driver’s seat (probably texting).

This is just another case of things killing people, such as when firearms kill people. It is obvious that self-driving vehicles are dangerous. There is no need for self-driving vehicles. What if one plows into a school and kills innocent children. They should be banned, no matter the type of vehicle, the size of the engine, or the number of cylinders in the engine. The only reason these vehicles are around is that of all the money car makers and the AAA pay lobbyists and the money they donate to politicians. Ban all self-driving vehicles or at least ones with big engines—if it saves just one life, it is worth it.

Where's the outrage?

Why are there no student outrages, marches, protests, walkouts, etc. because of the hundreds of teenagers and children that are killed each year because of the use of alcohol and/or tobacco?

Still crazy?

Why aren’t there any more claims in the media about President Trump being insane, crazy, demented, etc? If he was insane before his annual medical exam, why isn’t he still insane?


California and Colorado must be the healthiest states in the United States since they have full access to the miracle drug that cures about every disease; at least that’s what marijuana advocates have claimed for decades.


What happened to our heroes? A hero used to be a person who put his or her life on the line to save someone else from death or serious harm. These days, people are called heroes for just being good neighbors, friends, or citizens, and even for just following their doctor's orders. Now a hero is a little girl who reports smoke coming from a neighbor’s house, marines working motor pool at a reserve center who were killed by a terrorist, a dog who wakes its owner to save him from a fire, or someone who finishes treatment for cancer and is cured. 

If these are heroes, what do we call the people who rush into burning houses to save lives, marines who die rushing onto the battlefield to save fallen comrades, or people who defend someone being assaulted? These days, athletes are called heroes because they are good at their sports, doctors are called heroes because they are good at their jobs, and people who are shot while sitting in a church are considered heroes because they died (had they lived they would just be called victims).

You may admire someone who has done something great, or have sympathy for someone who is sick, injured, or has been killed but these things are not heroic. Bring back the true heroes, the people who risk their lives doing heroic things.

Death penalty

There are those who say the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment, even though the signers of the constitution believed in and used the death penalty. These same people say that a life sentence is a worse punishment for murderers since they to have sit in their cells and dwell on their crimes for the rest of their lives. So, if life imprisonment is a worse punishment than the death penalty, and if the death penalty is cruel and unusual, then it follows that a life sentence must be more cruel and unusual than the death penalty.

In 1995, Susan Smith received a life sentence for murdering her two small sons. After over 20 years of dwelling on her crime, what are her thoughts on the crime she committed? In a recent letter to reporter Harrison Cahill of The State newspaper in Columbia, South Carolina Smith wrote,

"It has been hard to listen to lie after lie and not be able to defend myself. It is frustrating to say the least. Mr. Cahill, I am not the monster society thinks I am. I am far from it. Something went very wrong that night. I was not myself. I was a good mother and I loved my boys. The thing that hurts me the most is that people think I hurt my children in order to be with a man. That is so far from the truth. There was no motive as it was not even a planned event. I was not in my right mind. The only reason I lied is because I didn't know how to tell the people who loved Michael and Alex that they would never see them again. I didn't want to hurt them. I knew the truth would come out, but I had planned to kill myself first and leave a note behind telling what had happened. I didn't believe I could face my family when the truth was revealed."

So much for her seeing the error of her ways. She is just as repentant as Charles Manson was after 50 years of "contemplating" his crimes. He died in prison without ever repenting for his crimes.

Concealed weapons

In 1996, North Carolina passed a concealed carry law. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

Then NC allowed concealed weapon permit holder to carry in certain parks. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

Then NC allowed concealed weapon permit holders to carry on greenways, where alcohol is served, and to store weapons in locked cars on education property. Opponents say there will be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!


People say we can become energy independent by using ethanol! Where will all this ethanol come from? It will come from corn, a renewable resource. How is this program working so far? Well, the government gives corn growers subsidies to grow more corn. Corn requires water. More and more people are being born and they require water. There is a shortage of water in farming areas. Increasingly, there has been a shortage of rain in farming areas. The farms are short on water and the corn crops are dying. No corn, no ethanol. The result, the government is having to pay the corn farmers even more money so they can stay in business. 

Questions, questions, questions

Why are there no calls for diversity on professional sports teams, such as football and basketball teams?

Why are rich CEO's who lead the corporations who make things that you want and use every day, manage medical centers that save your life and keep you healthy, provide you with gasoline so you can go wherever you want to go, etc. considered evil because they are paid a lot of money while those in professional sports, television, movies, music, arts, news media, etc. who are paid just as much money but produce nothing but entertainment are not considered evil?

Why are the billionaire Kock brothers considered evil because they support conservative politicians while billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who support liberal politicians are not considered evil?

Remember in 2007, the promises of change, no more politics as usual, and government transparency? Remember when Bush was incompetent because he had no exit plan for the war in Afghanistan (which are still fighting 8 years later with no exit plan)? Remember when presidents were presidential and not entertainers?

If women are paid 20% less than men for the same work, why don't companies hire all women and save 20% on labor costs?

Why are criticisms of Obama considered unfounded and racially motivated while criticisms of Ben Carson, Ted Cruze, and Marco Rubio are considered legitimate and not related to race at all?

Why does belief in a vast left wing conspiracy make you a nut case while belief in a vast right wing conspiracy makes you a viable presidential candidate?

Why is it that the current batch of presidential candidates is the best that the citizens of the greatest country in the world can come up with?

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.


Ever notice how politicians are so easily horrified and outraged. If they are  horrified  at a comment made by an opponent, what are they when they when they hear the confession of a mass murderer. If they are outraged by a painting in an art show, what are they when they see a the body of child that has been dismembered by an abortionist. 

Is that so?

On 17 August 2015, Elwood Robinson, the chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, laid out his 5-year plan to the board of trustees. One of his statements was "Most of our students come from families who earn less than $50,000 a year and are victims of racism and discrimination."

We may assume the family income number is true since it may be verified through the university's student financial records. However, what about the part where he said that MOST of the university's students were victims of racism and discrimination? Are we to assume this to be true because WSSU students are predominately black and everyone knows that MOST blacks are victims of racism and discrimination?

Old quacks, new quacks

Remember the old days when people believed a person could read your palm and tell you about your future health. Remember when phrenology, making measurements of the skull, was used to predict certain personality traits. Scientists and other educated people said it was quackery. 

Now "educated" research scientists are saying that a crease in the ear lobe, receding hairlines, length of the fingers, fat in the eyelids, etc. indicate a higher risk for certain diseases.

Next researchers will be telling us that astrology is real.


China badminton players were tossed out of the Olympics for trying to lose matches to get better playing positions in finals. If the coach had just told the officials that he knew his team was going to win all the matches so he just wanted to let other teams win some matches to build their self-esteem, then they would have been praised instead of being punished. 

Cures for what ails you

Why are we spending so much on doctors and medicine when it is not needed? All you have to do is read the newspaper, watch television, or listen to the radio to learn that there are cures for almost every disease, that are free, and that they are just a phone call away. All you have to do is give them your credit card number to pay for shipping and handling. Of course, there is a problem, the "cures" do not work, the shipping and handling fees are exorbitant, and, once they get your credit card number, they will continue to send you the product and bill you the same exorbitant amount until you tell them to stop, and that you will find it is nearly impossible to get them to stop.

Again with the heroes

Every time there is a catastrophe, conspiracy theories arise, but also other dubious claims arise. An example is the claims that abounded after the murders in the movie theater in Aurora , Colorado.

It appears that every boyfriend that died was a hero for sacrificing himself to protect his girlfriend. A just as believable version would be that they were both running away, she tripped, and he fell on top of her. Or, they were both running away, he was shot, and fell on top of her. Or, they both dived to the floor and since she was in front of him, he landed on top of her.

Does this mean the girlfriends that died did so because they had boyfriends who were cowards because they did not sacrifice themselves to save them? Apparently, women are still helpless and need men to protect them. You never hear of girlfriends falling on top of boyfriends to protect them. Are women cowards?

The heroes would have been the ones running TOWARD the killer in an attempt to stop him from killing more people.

The same week of the 12 murders in Colorado, 14 died in a truck accident in Texas. Where is all the concern for them? Most people do not even know about the Texas deaths. What is classified as a tragedy is determined by who it was that was killed (from whom may the media garner the most attention) and whether the media decides to make the incident into a tragedy. Fourteen people killed by a truck is local news, twelve people kill by a firearm if a national tragedy.

Secret agenda

I watch the television show House Hunters. From the large number of episodes that involve homosexuals, one might assume that a large portion of couples in the United States are homosexual couples. However, according to the 2010 census, only about 5% of Americans report that they are homosexual. Something is wrong here.

A tale of two dog parks

There are two dog parks in Forsyth County, NC. Each one is unique in the type of people who bring their dogs to it. 

Washington Park is 1 mile from the center of Winston-Salem. On a typical visit, you will find at least one owner who thinks their dog does no wrong, at least one owner who will ignore the dog and what it does, at least one owner who will panic if another dog plays with his or her dog, and at least one owner who will let his or her dog take balls and discs from other dogs and will even then use the toy to play with his or her dog. Many owners, and their dogs. are at the park every day and think it is their territory so they become territorial.

Horizon's Park is about 15 miles from the city center. Being in a rural area, the dog park gets fewer visitors and most visitors are from rural areas. On a typical visit, you will find ordinary people out to play with their dogs and to let their dogs play with each other. The owners are attentive to their dogs and are friendly and helpful to other owners and their dogs. There are rarely any problems with the dogs or their owners.

Must be nice to be God

Last week at a church in a nearby town, children were playing in the cemetery while their parents stood nearby. A large stone cross toppled and crushed a four-year-old girl to death. When a child is healed of a deadly disease, it is called a miracle from God. What is it called when a child is killed by a cross at a church? The pastor called it a freak occurrence. Why is not the healing of a child also considered a freak occurrence? God gets excused when things go bad and gets thanked when things go good; you can do no wrong when you are God.


Isn't it strange how schools say cannot control bullying, but they have cracked down on such things as drawing a stick figure of a gun, bringing unhealthful food in lunchboxes, offending Muslims by wearing a tee shirt with a Bible verse on it, or offending illegal immigrants by wearing a tee shirt with an American flag on it. If you bully by only using force, it appears schools cannot control it, however, if you offend anyone, they will squash you.

Humans are stupid

As humans, we tend to think that we are intelligent. Look at what we have accomplished since we have been on earth—music, art, technology, medicine, space travel, etc. However, as a whole, we are still stupid. Look at what else we have accomplished since we have been on earth—war, eradication other species, torture of animals and humans, belief that there is an utopia than may be attained by socialism, belief that we can borrow our way out of debt, belief that everyone is equal, belief that aliens from other planets walk among us, belief that some people can communicate with the dead, belief that the position of the stars and planets affects our daily lives, and beliefs in other unsubstantiated, unverifiable, far-fetched ideas, theories, and religions.

Martial Arts for Dummies

Martial art "masters" are writing books that may be considered to be in the "Martial Arts for Dummies" category of writing. Many of these books are illogical, lack any type of empirical proof, rely upon unproven claims of some mysterious forces at work, and often are just outright lies. One may ask "Who would believe this mumbo jumbo?" That's an easy question to answer. Just consider who the books are written for.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Birds of a feather

The old saying goes "Birds of a feather flock together." This applies to idiots, such as the Occupiers and fans of Michael Jackson. The idiot philosophy of life is:
  • If you do not have what it takes to be successful in life, then attack the ones who are successful.
  • If you are an unimportant nobody, then act like somebody important by yelling obscenities and being a public nuisance, or by worshiping a perverted freak.

Too Entertaining

China is cracking down on television shows that are deemed "too entertaining." That is not a problem in the United States; not the cracking down part, but the having shows that are "too entertaining" part.


Is anyone else sick of pink? What makes breast cancer so special? It is because celebrities have chosen it as their cause-du-jour and, since public sheep want to associate themselves with celebrities in an effort to give their lives some meaning, they jump on the bandwagon. Over the decades, billions of dollars have gone to breast cancer research. Other than making researchers and fundraisers wealthy, there has been little progress in finding a cure in relation to the amount of money spent.

Iraq Hikers

Now that the nation has spent millions of dollars to get three idiot hikers returned to the US, they will probably write books (actually ghost written as Obama has done for "his" books) and get millions from the books. Wonder if they will repay taxpayers for what we paid to free them? I hear they are planning their next hike in China along the border with North Korea.

Segal Invented a New Front Kick

In UFC 126 on 2/5/11, Anderson Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort in the first round with a front kick to the chin. Silva credited actor Steven Segal with teaching him the kick. In an after fight interview, Segal said he worked for years to develop the kick. 

He did what! The first kick every Taekwondo or karate student learns is the front kick. It is then used and perfected over the years the student trains. And yet here is an arrogant actor claiming to have developed a new way to front kick an opponent on the chin.

Segal is the Al Gore of the martial arts. It was Gore who said in a March 1999 interview with Wolf Blitzer that, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

All doctors should be arrested

All doctors should be arrested for withholding disease cures from the public. From advertisements in the media, I have learned there are cures for obesity, baldness, low energy, arthritis, etc. that are not being prescribed by doctors. The makers of these cures will even send you free samples. Doctors must be on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies for withholding these treatments because we all know that the media would not support something that was fraudulent. We all know they are trustworthy and would not allow lies to be told just to further an agenda or make a dollar.

God speaks!

A local high school student recently died in a vehicle accident. A local man with two daughters who attend the same high school was at the beach this past weekend with his family. While on the beach, he carved a tribute to the student in the sand. A religious youth group from the high school was nearby, saw the tribute, and saw it as words from God. The man later said God told him to carve the words. It’s interesting how God speaks. After millions of years of dealing with mankind, he still does it by “signs.”


A young, black, Winston-Salem, NC television personality was drunk driving after a party, lost control of his vehicle in a construction zone, and killed a pedestrian. He was remorseful and plead guilty from the beginning. His trial was quick, he served 2 years in prison, got out or prison, and restarted his life.

A white, Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon with multiple DUI arrests was drunk driving at a high rate of speed, rammed a car, and killed a young aspiring ballerina. He had prvious DWIs, showed little remorse, never apologized, delayed his trial for over 2 years, was sentenced to 3 to 4 years in prison,  got to leave prison during the week to work at a local pharmaceutical company got 48-hour weekend passes on a regular basis to visit with his family, was released after 3 years, and is now a practicing plastic surgeon again.

Integrity and personal responsibility are not related to race; you either have them or you do not have them.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Pot Head

I was chatting with an old pot head today. He said weed was not addictive; that he had smoked weed for 40 years because it helped control his anxiety. He said was not addicted. I asked how he knew it helped him. He said because when he stopped smoking marijuana, it made him nervous and anxious; which of course was not related to his being addicted to marijuana. This from an engineer who is out of work because he said he has problems dealing with authority.


I'm a pre-op trans-ethnic. I was born white, but I am beginning to question my ethnicity. I am considered a majority, but I am looked down upon by minorities. I have been profiled by people who think that, just because I am white, I am a racist. Police pull me over for merely speeding or having no brake lights. People bump into me on the street and don't say excuse me. I have been passed over for promotions and not hired after job interviews. I have been called whitey, cracker, redneck, and other derogatory, demeaning names. I am legal citizen, which is rapidly becoming an oddity. It does not matter that people say they are not bigots or that they do not behave as bigots, I can tell that they really are bigots just by looking at them. I tell them they “don’t know me” when they question my behavior but they don’t realize that “I know them better than they know themselves.” I hear the snickers and laughter from people while I am in the room. I notice that waitresses and waiters seem to ignore me in restaurants. I hear people say "hello" and "thank you" to me but I know they don’t mean it. I can tell that they look down upon me and really hate me no matter what they say or do.

Until I complete the surgery and become another ethnicity, I will have to suffer the consequences of being white. I will have to train for, look for, get, and keep a job so I can eat and have clothing and housing. I will not be able to attend protests because of having to work. I will have to pay taxes. I will have to be responsible not only for my actions but the actions of all white people since the beginning of time. Of course nothing comes for free. After the surgery, I will have to sell my soul to become a socialist and vote for liberals.


Is breast cancer the greatest disease to ever plague humankind? One would think so! There is a month for awareness of it; as if there is anyone who is not aware of it. There are thousands of events to raise money for research into it. Celebrities and politicians make public statements in support of research on it. Food products, vehicles, buildings, publications, etc. are all covered in pink to show support. 

What has all the billions and billions of dollars of donations got us? We have some reduction in deaths, which could have been accomplished for far fewer dollars, we have people who are in the spotlight for a time to make themselves feel good about themselves, we have wealthy professional fundraisers, and we have thousands of research labs that take millions of dollars and produce little. Pink is the politically correct thing to be, since you will be ostracized and called sexist if your are not. Pity the people who have other diseases, especially those diseases which occur mostly in men.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.


ARC chastises celebrities, politicians, sports figures, and ordinary people for using the words "retard" or "retarded" when speaking about people with mental disabilities. They try to get people who use the word forced out of their offices or jobs in an attempt to silence them. ARC has decided that the word "retard" is derogatory and therefore may not be used. What is ARC? It is the Association for RETARDED Citizens. Apparently, it is derogatory to even say the name of the organization.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.


As a martial instructor, I don't want students who try. Trying doesn't show commitment. When you try, you are telling yourself that you may not be able to do it so you do not fully commit yourself and you hold something back in case of failure.

When I know that a student is capable of doing something, I expect the student to do it, and I expect the student to believe he or she can do it. The student may do it, or fail to do it. If the student does it, he or she will know that commitment leads to success and will feel the satisfaction of success. If the student fails to do it, it means the student either did not fully commit to doing it, or I was wrong in thinking the student could do it. If the student failed to commit, the student needs to work harder and gain more confidence so he or she will do it next time. If I was wrong in thinking the student could do it, then I will have to work harder to ensure the student does do it next time.

I don't want a surgeon who says he or she will try to remove all the tumor, I want a surgeon who says he or she will remove all the tumor. A surgeon who tries doesn't have confidence in his or her abilities, so he or she accepts failure as a possible outcome.

Although failure is a possible outcome, it is not an option.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Free speech

A federal judge has ruled that protesters cannot be prevented from protesting at funerals since it violates their right to free speech, and yet judges refuse to let people who do not dress appropriately for court from appearing in court and some judges have even fined and jailed them. It appears that free speech does not apply in their courts.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

School dropouts

The latest news is that the education system is failing black males since they have such a high dropout rate. Of course the solution being offered, as it has been for decades, is that we need to spend more money on education. The real problem, and its solution, lies in the black community. The black children are not getting the training and support they need from their parents, relatives, and black leaders. They are not being raised to be productive citizens.
The same holds true for white children, since their dropout rate has also increased.

Schools are there to educate children, not to raise children. Parents, relatives, and community leaders are the ones who teach children to be productive members of society, the schools only give the children the tools they need to do it. Some communities, such as Asian communities, teach their children what it takes to be productive and how to behave properly, and then they send them to school to be educated.

Stop blaming others for your own shortcomings and do something to better your community. Don't expect the government to do your job for you.

 Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Videoing police

Why is it that no one ever video records the times that police are attacked by the people they are arresting? Could it be that they do, but since the videos do not support their agenda, they are not picked up by the news services.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Presumed innocent

"Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff committed suicide in his jail cell awaiting trial. Since, according to the media, he only "allegedly" committed the crime and the media likes to misuse the "presumed innocent until proven guilty" statement (it only applies to court trials, not pretrial; he is presumed guilty, that is why he was arrested), I guess this means they will be saying he is innocent and will forever be innocent since he never had a trial.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Dog Park

I was taking my dog to the dog park every morning so he could play with the other dogs; he had fun but I did not. There are many regulars who come to the park every day, many of which seem to think that their dogs. and themselves. can do no wrong. The park seems to be infested with radical liberals and admitted marijuana users, who blame all their woes on conservatives, President Bush, and government conspiracies.To pass the time, I would debate current events with some of them. I enjoyed the debates for a time, but then one morning I thought, "Is this the way you want to spend your time, hanging out with a bunch of fat, out or shape, misfit liberal drug users? Or do you want to spend your time more productively?" So I stopped the dog park visits; instead, I take the dog on long hikes on trails in local parks and mountain state parks. Its healthy for both of us, and afterward, I feel clean instead of dirty.

Check out TKDTutor.com for information about the martial arts.

Cancer cure?

Have terminal prostate cancer and only a couple of months to live, then fly to Libya for hospice care. Abdel Baset Ali Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, did after he was released from prison by Scotland to die at home> He received a hero's welcome and and is still living large a year later. Funny how that works.

Do they REALLY believe this!

According to USA Today, approval of a mega-mosque two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City would show that America practices the tolerance that al-Qaeda abhors. Bullshit! It shows the world how ignorance and stupid some liberal Americans are. How much tolerance would USA Today show if the  KKK wanted to build  build a mega-cultural center two blocks from the Martin Luther King National Historical Site.

Boo Hoo

Lindsey Lohan who will only serve about half of her 90-day sentence, will be confined to her 12-by-8 cell alone for about 22 hours a day for about two weeks. Man, she will need a drink after this!


A local bible college, founded LAST SUMMER with it first classes having started 6 months ago, had its first graduation ceremony this week with three graduates. I sure they are budding biblical geniuses.


Environmentalists get rid of appliances in perfect condition simply because that are white and not "in style" at the time. However, they are concerned for the environment, so they recycle the old appliances.

Environmentalists, such as Al Gore, who have estates whose power bill each month is more than most people's house payment.

Crestor Head Shop

Although, they have no concern for their own health or the safety of those around them, marijuana abusers in the country have suddenly become concerned about easing the suffering of the sick. Although he is great to see them have such concern for others, Marijuana is certainly a "different" medication.

I take Crestor for control of cholesterol, but I have yet to find a "Crestor Head Shop" where I can go to hang out with fellow Crestor users. A place where we can lie back and savor the good feelings that medication brings. A place where we can find custom designed cups and glasses to hold the liquids we use when taking the pills. A place where we can find custom designed containers to carry and store the pills. A place were we can shop around for some the best Crestor available; I hear there is some primo Crestor that comes out of South America that can really lower that nasty cholesterol. It's odd that you don't see Crestor users wearing clothing with pill designs on them, or users with tattoos that resemble Crestor pills. I guess it is because we don't have the concern for others that marijuana users have.

Redneck philanthropists

One good thing you can say about the push of legalization of medical marijuana. It has made rednecks, hillbillies,  trailer park trash, government assistance moochers, etc. into philanthropists. They now have cause they can be proud of supporting. Through their unselfish efforts, they are raising marijuana to help ease the suffering of millions of seriously ill patients.


Mel Gibson's long-time agents, William Morris Endeavor, have ended their work with him over his recent scandal. "We can't represent a guy who used the N-word," the agency's director, Ari Emanuel, said in an email to a business partner.
What he meant to say was, "We can't represent a white guy who used the N-word in a private conversation but we can represent black people who say the word in public and in their music." 

HIV Education

HIV/AIDS remains a rarity among people who do not participate in the risky behaviors that lead to the spread of it. After 30 years of "education," everyone should know about HIV/AIDS; the ones who do not know about it are idiots who do not read, watch, or listen to anything, so more "education" is meaningless. Many ignore what they do know about HIV/AIDS because the pleasure of the moment means more to them than any possible future dire consequences. No amount of extra "education" about HIV/AIDS will change their behavior.

Liberals say it is the right of these people to participate in risky behavior and that it is our responsibility to care for them after their risky behavior leads them to the predictable consequences and that it is our responsibility to spend millions of dollars to find a way for them to participate in their risky behaviors without them having to worry about the dire consequence. I say it is their right to participate in the risky behaviors and it is their responsibility to deal with the consequences; and it is our right to protect ourselves from these idiots.

It's easy to understand. If you do not want to catch HIV/AIDS, then do not participate in the behaviors that lead to catching it.

God's will

Prayers are or are not answered. Why? Because it was God's will; thus, making the prayers a waste of time. Unless, prayers are able to change God's will. Since God knows the future, the future is predetermined since he already knows what will happen, regardless of your prayers. Or, is God so powerful that, if enough people pray, he can change the future that he already knows will occur. If this is so, then prayers can change the will of God, making prayers, and thus mankind, more powerful than God himself. Then, instead of being an all powerful, overseer, God is merely powerful tool being told what to do by the prayers of man.

Hollywood excuses child rape

Hollywood elitists are ecstatic after the Sweden refused to extradite 77 year old director Roman Polanski who was convicted of drugging and having unlawful sex with Samantha Geimer, 13, in Los Angeles in 1977. Originally charged with six offenses, including rape and sodomy, he plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor following a plea bargain but he fled to Europe before he could be sentenced. After all, hasn't he been punished enough by having to live in luxury in Europe all these years and not being able to come to America to receive all the awards Hollywood has bestowed upon him. Perhaps he could rape a child in Europe and then flee to the United States and then fight extraction back to Europe for years until until he dies.


Over the last 5o years, SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has spent millions, if not billions, of dollars searching the heavens and listening for some signal from some intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. What has been the result of all this time, effort, and money? The result has been nothing. When asked to justify their expendatures, these scientists say, "The last 50 years have been a learning experience." They say that if you wanted to determine if there were any fish in the ocean, and you only based you opinion on the results of taking a random  teacup sample of seawater, or even milions of random teacups of water, you might conclude there were no fish in the ocean. They say there may not be a signal becase the aliens do not know we exist or that they may consider us inconsequential. They say, "What if in 1492 the qween stopped funding Columbus just becase he had found any new worlds." They say, "Imagine how foolish you would feel if you didn't try only because someone said you're a lunatic." I say how foolish we are for funding these lunatics who justify their jobs by saying that, while they have no results after 50 years, they will have results if given enough time and money. 


The involuntary manslaughter conviction of Jonannes Mehserle, a white former transit officer, in the death of Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man, caused thousands of blacks to riot in the streets and loot stores.

This reminds me of when OJ Simpson, a black former football star player, was acquitted of murdering two white people and it caused thousands of whites to riot in the streets and loot stores. Not wait! I'm sorry, that's not correct. While OJ did murder the people, whites did not riot in the streets.

Old saying

Parents have always told their children than anyone may become president. That has now been proven true. anyone may become president, regardless of ability, experience, truthfulness, or loyalty.

Choose the laws to obey

If an illegal immigrant is captured and sent to a deportation hearing, open border advocates will argue that the law is unjust and should not apply. If an illegal immigrant is arrested and charged with a crime, open border advocates will argue that the case should be dismissed because police did not obey some minor point of law.

No rest for the weary

Bad: During the gulf oil spill crisis, the president of BP took a day off and went boating.
Good: During the gulf oil spill crisis, fighting two wars, and a depression, the President of the United Sates took a day off and sent golfing.

BP Bird Kills

The media keeps showing a pelican covered in oil from the BO oil spill, but they never show the thousands of birds killed every day by wind turbines. Econuts say wind turbine bird kills are not that bad considering the number of birds killed by vehicle strikes and collisions with windows. Well, oil spill bird kills are not that bad considering the number of birds killed by wind turbines.

Same thing

Yesterday, at the University or Virginia, a lacrosse player killed his lacrosse player girlfriend. Today, we hear that the women's team will keep playing because that is what she would have wanted. How many players on your team have said "Hey guys, I just want to tell all of you that, if I die, I want the team to keep playing"? If her team will keep playing to honor her, what will the men's team do, keep playing to show support for him?


Episode 201 of South Park,  which continued a story line involving the Prophet Muhammad, was censored with audio bleeps and image blocks reading “CENSORED” after a the New York Muslim group,  Revolution Muslim, warned the show’s creators they could face violence for depicting that holy Islamic prophet.  Would the creators have done the same thing had a Christian group threatened them for their depictions of Jesus? The answer is no. They know Christians may complain, but that they are basically harmless and thus are subject to ridicule without fear of them actually causing harm. So much for Hollywood's claim of freedom of expression. They will attack anyone who does not fight back, but when threatened by someone they think may actually harm them, they run.

Equal Opportunity

The Navy wanted a woman to be the first to command a destroyer, the USS Winston S. Churchill, so they chose Commander Holly Graf. Of course, they only considered her record; they were not influenced by the fact that her father was a retired Navy captain, or that her older sister is a rear admiral who is married to a rear admiral. Then, despite reports of her demeaning, belittling, humiliating, and berating, the crew of the Churchill, she was subsequently promoted to captain and given command of a cruiser, the USS Cowpens, where she continued her reign of terror. Finally, on January 13, 2010, she was relieved of duty and charged with “cruelty and maltreatment” and “conduct unbecoming an officer. Apparently, the Navy is an equal opportunity employer; it allowed a woman to play the part of Captain Bligh. 

Winter Olympics

Young, virile athletes; old, decrepit commentators. Are there no commentators under 70 years old available to NBC?

Future Leader?

The Naval Academy is where the future officers of the Navy and Marine Corps are formed into leaders. The Navy and the Naval Academy have a “zero drug tolerance police,” which means any service member who is guilty of drug use will be administratively processed for separation. Every day, sailors that come back positive for illegal drugs on random urinalysis tests are processed for discharge.

Naval Academy, Midshipman 3rd Class Marcus Curry, who already had three honor code violations, was on academic probation, and was near the bottom of his class, tested positive for marijuana on a random urinalysis. He was separated from the academy, as others have been, right? No! Not right. You see, Marcus is black and is a star slot back on the academy football team, so he was given another chance.

Now, some future sailors will get a stupid, drug using, division officer to lead them into war.

More Gore-ble Warming

Global warming experts, such as Gore, have predicted that the world as we know it will end in few years. Each spring for the last few years they have predicted increased and violent hurricane activity; when in fact, hurricane activity has decreased. This winter has been extremely cold worldwide. Now the global warmers say this is a only a pause in global warming that will return in a few decades.

Have nations done something in last few months to decrease their CO2 emissions and cause this phase, or is this just a part of the earths weather cycle (just like the warming) that man has no control over. Once again doomsday believers have failed in their predictions. Gore will probably now concentrate his efforts on the end of the world coming in December 2012.

Pee Wee

Pee Wee Herman is back in the limelight again; lets give him a hand.

Digital Music

They lied. They said digital music was better than records: no hiss, no scratches, easier to use, etc. However, they forgot to tell us a major flaw—digital music sounds like crap. There are no subtle undertones and sounds end abruptly instead of trailing off (instead of banggggg, we get bang). Instead of caressing your ears, it assaults them. Maybe some day they will find an electronic medium that can store digital music that has been created with a high enough sample rate that it can compete with the sound we get from records. Until then, we have to just grit our teeth and  remember how it used to be.


Women demand to be in military academies, in the military, on ships, in submarines, etc. Why don't they demand  to be registered for the draft as are men?


Man who had done nothing for peace in his life, had been president of his country for one month, and who was leading his country in two wars wins Noble Prize for Peace.

God's Words

Why is that, when God writes something, such as the ten commandments he etched in the stone tablets, it is clear, concise, and unambiguous, such as "Thou shall not steal," but, when men write something that "God told them," it is symbolic, wordy, ambiguous, and open to many different interpretations? If God has something to say, why does he not just write it himself and eliminate the "sinful" middle men.


Thousand of uninvited, illegal aliens cross the border every day, many of whom are murders, rapists, thieves, and drug and arms traffickers and Congress and the Obama administration could care less. So what gets them excited enough to hold congressional hearings and want a government crackdown, an uninvited couple who attended a capital dinner with the President.

Avoiding Banks

According to a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, nearly 30 million households have no bank account or have one but also use alternative financial services at least occasionally. 53% of African-American households and 43% of Hispanic households use check cashers or similar services instead of or in addition to banks. Those using check cashers and other services say they are faster, cheaper, and more convenient than banks—even though they pay a fee to cash a check they could deposit in a bank account for free. The FDIC avoids the real reason why these groups avoid banks—to hide income. If you have income, either legal or illegal, that you wish to hide so you may avoid taxes and qualify for welfare programs, then you only deal in cash.

Why not percentages?

The Winston-Salem Journal newspaper recently printed charts that show that more blacks than whites have been executed in North Carolina. Every time I see such a chart it compares the total executions for each race, or compares the percentage of executions for each race to the total population of each race. Why do they never compare the total executions to the number of convicted criminals who were eligible for the death penalty for each racial group. Could it be because the numbers would not support their cause. What I want to see is a chart that compares the number of executions to the number of capital offense convictions for each race, or a chart that show the percentage of capital crimes commited by each race compared to each races percentage of the population.

Mac vs. PC

According to Apple, the Windows OS is bug ridden and full of security flaws while the Apple OS is not. Is this true? NO! The Apple Snow Leapord OS has security holes and bugs that are constantly being patched, but we do we not hear about it. Why not? Because Apple does it quietly and because there are so few Apple users that the media doesn't care to tell about the story. Only 8% of PCs use the Apple OS. If you are a hacker, why waste your time on reaching 8% of PC users when it is more profitable to reach the other 92%.

Apple now claims Windows 7 is modeled after Snow Leapord. Even it is, so what. Is Apple above using unscrupulous business practices. Before stating Apple, Jobs and Wosniak broke the law by hacking long distance telephone service and sold "blue boxes" so others could do it. And Apple "stole" the graphic user interface and the use of a mouse from Xerox Parc.

Apple should just be happy with the 8% share they have had for the last 20 years and save money on misleading ads.


Coincidence is a powerful thing. It has created religions, built careers, and destroyed nations. Humans tend to always think everything happens for a reason. If a person drops a pot on the floor and the kitchen light goes out, the person assumes that something about the pot dropping caused the light to go out; it could not just be a coincidence that both things happened at the same instant. People pray for a child to live and the child lives, thus God ansered their prayers, it could not be that the child would have lived even without the prayer.

Don't accept coincidence as fact. If something is factual, it can be duplicated over and over again under the same circustances. If the light goes off everytime you drop a pot, then there may a connection between the two events. Otherwiase, it is just coincidence. If prayers work everytime, then they my be valid. If they only works once in a while, and you make rationalizations to explain why they does not seem to work very often, then it is probably coincidence. If you belive in God, then you must believe he gave you a brain—so use it.


 A man walked into a church and killed an abortion doctor in the name of God. Liberals consider him a heartless, murderer who is indicative of conservative Christians who are out of touch with modern society.

A man man walked into a his job at a military base and killed 13 coworkers in the name of Allah. Liberals consider him a victim of the military establishment who was only acting on his Muslim beliefs.

Pigs or Heroes

What's the difference between a being a soldier or a police officer and being a hero? Getting wounded or killed in the line of duty! When soldiers or police officers do their job properly, they are ignored, looked down upon,  and criticized When they do not do their jobs in the face of danger, they are considered cowards. When they do their jobs in the face of danger, and are wounded or killed. they are considered heroes. About the only way for soldiers or police officers to gain respect in our society is to get wounded or killed in the line of duty.  Soldiers and police officers are either pigs or heroes, and to be considered heroeo, they must die.

Cruel and Unsual Punishment

Britney Spears, and other rockers have joined the National Campaign to Close Guantanamo and are lobbying the White House  to complain about their music being played to prisoners as as an instrument of torture. If this was the military's intention, then the experiment must have been a failure because, if Britney Spear's "music" did not break the terrorists, then nothing will. By the way, why are the rockers concerned about prisoners being forced to listen to their music; why aren't they concerned about us average citizens who are bombarded by their "manufactured music" everywhere we go.

Presidental Concern

On 9/11/01, President Bush was meeting with a group of school children when he was notified of the attack on the twin towers. He showed concern on his face but calmly finished with the children before leaving and later giving an emotional, solemn address to the nation. Liberals criticized him for for years afterward for being a heartless, cold bastard for not leaving immediately after being notified of the attack.

On 11/5/09, President Obama was at a conference to promote his healthcare plan when he was notified of the massacre that had occurred at Fort Hood. He showed concern on his face but calmly finished his agenda before giving an address to the nation. He started his address with a big smile,  thanking everyone at the conference for their efforts, giving a shoutout to a friend, and saying that he would continue the fight for heathcare. Then, as an aside, he mention the massacure, reading his prepared notes with a solemn  face. He looked similar to a network newscaster or President Clinton, switching his mood to fit whatever story he was reading. Liberals praise him for his concern in this troubled time.

Ten Percent

Ever head the saying "We only use 10% of our brain power." Science has proven this wrong—all parts of the brain are always in use. However, some people's brains only have 10% of the brain power available to the average person.

Proficiency Standards

Congress, in its great wisdom, said that all schools in all states must bring all their students up to the proficiency level on the state's reading and math tests by 2014. Nearly a third of the states have been able to easily achieve this— they just lowered their proficiency standards until every student could meet them.


On Sunday's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm,' Larry David was taking a "new pill" that caused him to urinate with excessive force. This caused a lot of splash back, some of which ended up on a Jesus painting hanging on the bathroom wall of his pious assistant, who later sees Jesus "crying" and assumes a miracle has taken place. Catholics and other Christians complained. HBO did not apologize. It said that's just the way we are, we make fun of everyone.

Is this true? Do you think they would have made the same scene with David peeing on a picture of Allah. No! Media hypocrites are a bunch of cowards. They only attack those who they know will not fight back. They know outraged Christians will only complain, and not bomb HBO offices. 


Time Warner, to show its commitment to moving toward more "environmentally friendly" operating practices, gives a "benefit" to customers who switch from paper billing to online billing. What is that benefit; a one dollar "credit" to their account each month. Those who chose not to receive this benefit would have a one dollar "Paper Statement Service Charge" added to their bill each month. So what is the "benefit" you receive for switching to online billing; not getting charged a dollar each month for not switching.

Navy Slogan

The powers that be in the Navy decided it was time for a new Navy slogan, so they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to an ad agency to recommend one. What did they come up with:
America's Navy: A Global Force for Good
So now the United States Navy is America's Navy. Does this included all of North America and South America, or just our parts of the Americas.

Is the Navy really a force for good? According to a majority of voters in the last national election, the military in general is a force for bad.

This slogan sounds as if it were dreamed up by child from the seventies who thinks of the Navy as a group of "Super Friends." He or she probably also wants to rename the Pentagon to the "Hall of Justice."

Every country in the world will want to cheer when the Navy arrive in their ports, knowing that the global force force for good as arrived. And, as the slogan implies, they should be prepared for the Navy to enforce its version of good upon them.

Twisted Logic

In Bizarro World, a radio commentator, Rush Limbaugh, can be fired from a sportscasting job and prevented from becoming a part owner in a football team because of a disparaging remark he made about one black quarterback. While a politician, Barak Obama, can be elected President and awarded a Nobel Prize for making numerous disparaging  remarks about millions of white Americans and the country in general.

Definition of Bizarro World

Bizarro is a fictional comic book super villain who is the arch nemesis and direct opposite of Superman. Bizarro lives in Bazarro World where twisted logic is commonplace and everything is the opposite of our world; therefore, in Bizarro World, Bizarro is a hero.


What if a textbook did not put all exam requirements in the same place?What if had to search the entire book for what you thought were the requirements, and then, once you found what you thought were the correct requirements, you had to out them in order of importance and when they should occurrence? What if, to form a paragraph that told the whole story, you had to search the entire book for what you thought were sentences that belonged in the paragraph, put the sentences in correct order, and then interpret what the completed paragraph meant? What if the requirements were vague and open to interpretation, and were mixed into parables or totally unrelated subjects? What if you were to be tested on what the author of the textbook meant to say, but the textbook, instead of being written by the author, was written by numerous ghost writers who wrote about what they thought the author had said to someone else decades before.What if your score on the final exam would determine if you went to heaven or hell for eternity? There is such a textbook; it is called the Bible.

2012: End of the World

Another end of the world prediction; this time it is because 2012 is the supposed end date of the Mayan calendar. How may times has a predicted end date come and gone and their is still no end in sight? Usually the predictors do not say they were wrong when nothing happens on their end dates, they just say their calculations were wrong and issue a new date, or they say that the end date was not really the end, just the beginning of the end. The only things predictions accomplish is to build the ego of the predictors and enrichen their wallets due to book sales and public appearances. When it end comes, it comes, there is nothing anyone can do about it; so, get a life, and then make something of it.

Nobel Prize

According to the Nobel Committee, it is not what  you are doing or what you have done, it is want you say you are going to do. Apparently, they have no experience dealing with politicians.

Medicare Fraud

Obama "says" he will pay for his heath care plan by eliminating fraud in Medicare. If this can be done, why is he not doing it now; why wait?


I am sick of hearing about Woodstock and how great it was supposed to be. It was just a bunch of drugged out, loser hippies, hippy want be’s, and curiosity seekers. People say it influenced a generation but it only influenced the ones under the influence. People say it showed how all types of people could live in peace and love. Bull! It only lasted a few days. Had it went for another week, things would have been different. The money, drugs, and fun would have run out and people would have been fighting for food and drugs, stealing, and destroying things. A week of cooperation was nothing new. Wars have stopped for a week during truces. For centuries, warring tribes and countries have lived in relative peace for short periods. Almost anyone can coexist with anyone else for a short time. In the years since Woodstock, communal living has been tried many times and the experiments always failed. Woodstock was just a big concert with paid entertainment where people could party for a short time before reality set back in.


Usain Bolt sets another world record in the 100 meter dash at the 2009 IAAF world championships. If we believe it when people proclaim that all races are equal, that one race is not superior to another, then why is it that blacks have always been the fastest human runners at all distances?

Second Chance

People say that everyone deserves a second chance, but this is just another old saying that everyone repeats without asking themselves whether it is true or not. Not everyone deserves a second chance, at least not in the same area that caused their first problem. Does a drug user who became addicted to drugs deserve a second chance to try using drugs without becoming addicted. Does your uncle who molested you as a child deserve a second chance by your letting him babysit your children? Completing the sentence imposed by a court does make a person deserving of a second chance. The person must dedicate many years of effort toward earning a second chance; it does not just happen. People who say others deserve a second chance usually have no connection to the person about whom they are speaking. When it is a person who has harmed them, they do not usually agree that the person deserves a second chance; they usually think that the person did not receive enough punishment for the first crime.

Fat Kids

People whined that physical competitive sports hurt the self-esteem and self-confidence of children so they sued until physical education was practically eliminated from schools. Then children began to become fat slugs with all types of health problems. So people told schools to increase their physical education classes. Due to the increase in physical education classes, physical education related injures increased 150% over the last ten years. Of course, the increase was due to there being practically no physical education classes in previous years. Now the lawsuits will increase until physical education is again eliminated . Children need physical activity and they will get injured during physical activity. That’s life. Grow up and accept it. Life is dangerous; in fact, everyone will die from it.


It is called racial profiling when whites presuppose blacks will behave a certain way, and whites are condemned if they do it. However, when blacks presuppose whites will behave a certain way, it is excused, and whites are blamed for the blacks thinking this way. It is similar to a man abusing his child and using the excuse that he was abused as a child. Instead of remembering what it was like to be abused by his father and not wanting that to happen to any child, he uses it as an excuse to do the same thing to his own child. If you do not want to be treated a certain manner, then do not behave in that manner.

Stick and Stones

The old saying states, “Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Once again, liberals have proved tradition wrong. To liberals, adultery, drug abuse, alcoholism, being inconsiderate, loud, and obnoxious when you are a liberal public figure, showing disrespect to women, and showing complete disrespect to police are excusable actions, but you had better not say anything that is even remotely disrespectful about a minority group or homosexuals. If you listen to hip hop music, you will hear continuous derogatory and hateful comments, which to liberals is okay; they say it is the artists’ right to free speech, does not hurt those to which it is directed, and that music does not affect the behavior of those who hear it. However, they also say you do not have the right to say anything derogatory about minorities or homosexuals since the words could hurt the feelings of those in those groups and that the words could affect the behavior of those who hear them and cause them to do harm to people in those groups. Therefore, if you say anything derogatory about one of those groups, you must be severely punished. Case in point is the recent comment by Hawaii football coach Greg McMackin who, while talking about last year's bowl blowout loss to Notre Dame, called the Irish team dance a "fagot dance." There was media uproar and he was suspended for 30 days. Calling a person who eats meat a murderer, calling Christians hate mongers, calling President Bush an idiot, etc. is okay, just don’t’ call them a fagot.


Professor Gates says that only Obama could have gotten him to sit down and talk with the police officer he ridiculed. This doesn’t say much for liberal compassion or racial harmony. Only a half-black president can get Gates to be civil. This is racism at its finest.


lWhy do supposed spokespersons for black people feel the need to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and inconsiderate when dealing with white people? All the white, black, Latino, etc. people I talk with are not that way. Either I only am extremely lucky enough to only deal with people with a higher standard of behavior, or these spokespersons are not really spokespersons at all but are just people trying to exacerbate and exploit every situation for their own glorification.

Proof of Not Believing

Dale Neumann of Wausau, WI, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter for praying for his daughter as she slowly died of diabetes instead of seeking life-saving medical help. His wife has already been convicted of the same offense. His lawyer says there is not a shred of evidence that Neumann knew his prayers would fail to help his daughter or cause her death. How is the state supposed to prove that Neumann knew that his prayers would not work when there is no proof that prayers do work. Using this logic, Neumann could say he believed a doctor from Mars would land his spaceship in his back yard and save his daughter, and, since the state could not prove he did not believe this to be true, Neumann should not be charged with manslaughter. People will believe most anything; radical Muslims believe all Americans are infidels and must die. Does this exonerate them of their killings us?

Hope and Pray

I hear people say “I hope and pray that everything will be okay.” If you believe in prayer, why do you need hope? Hope is a belief that everything will work out for the best. Prayer is asking God to work everything out for the best. If you believe that God will answer your prayer, then there is no need for hope. What would you hope for; that your prayer will be answered.


Police responded to a call of two black men breaking into a home. They find the front door of the home broken in and a black man, later identified as Henry Louis Gates Jr., a pre-eminent black scholar, inside the home. Gates said he was the owner of the home, had broken in his own door, refused to come outside to speak to the police officer, and immediately began yelling, “Why, because I am a black man in America?” After he kept causing a disturbance, he was arrested. Now every radical black in the country is screaming racism. Had the officers not responded to the call as they did, they would have been accused of racism for not treating the call the same way as they would a call about a white man under the same circumstances. Gates is an ass. Radical blacks would not have any media coverage if they could not find racism in everything thing that happens.

Purple Heart

Purple Heart medal
Florida National Guardsman Sgt. Ernie Rivera who served in Iraq and was awarded two Bronze Stars for heroism thinks he deserves a Purple Heart, which is given to service members who've been wounded or killed in combat. In December 2006, a roadside bomb exploded in his convoy and he received a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that caused him to be hospitalized for six months. While records show that Rivera was totally disabled by the injury, the Army says it can't tell for sure whether the injury came from the roadside bomb that exploded in his convoy because his most severe symptoms didn't surface until weeks after the blast.

Rivera should have asked Senator John Kerry for advice. While in the Vietnam War, Kerry collected Purple Hearts as a hobby; submitting himself for the award every time he received a scratch and then using his collection of awards as justification for being allowed to leave Vietnam eight months early so he could come back home and declare himself a war hero. Rivera's problem is that, as a tough, dedicated soldier, he waited too long to seek help for his severe symptoms. Kerry would have advised him to run to the medics for every little injury to increase the chances of getting an award for the injury.

Rivera should also talk with Senator John McCain for advice on how to exploit his awards for political purposes and book deals. McCain is a master of exploitation of military service.


During the Sonia Sotomayor supreme court justice nomination hearings, one of Senator Dick Durbin’s questions to her included the following:
“When we asked questions of the white male nominees of a Republican president, we were basically trying to find out whether -- to make sure that they would go far enough in understanding the plight of minorities, because clearly that was not in their DNA.”
It is a premise of Obamism that white males are genetically predisposed to discrimination. If this is true, then it not their fault that they discriminate, it a genetic defect, and it is discrimination to penalize them for something over which they have no control.


The NAACP has launched a program to let people who use their cellphone to capture photos or videos of misconduct to send the images to the NAACP, which would then send a form to the sender to use to submit more information about the incident.  Isn't this great? The NAACP is trying to help reduce crime in the United States. No wait! There is more! The program is only for capturing images of alleged police misconduct, not for people to capture images of the other crimes that permeate the black community. The NAACP is only interested in crimes if they involve the relatively few case of  police misconduct, while they could care less about the crimes that are perpetrated against blacks on a constantl basis. This is mainly because the crimes are committed by blacks against blacks and because the NAACP  knows there will be little retaliation from the police and their supporter,s while they could expect deadly retaliation from the criminals. As usual, the NAACP is more concerned with appearance than taking action that might actually help law abiding blacks who are being victimized.

Death Penalty

North Carolina is considering a Racial Justice Act that would allow judges to throw out the death penalty in a specific case if they found a trend of racial basis in other unrelated cases. This means that a judge could toss out the death penalty ordered for a black man who was convicted without a shadow of doubt of murdering a family of four if the judge thought there had been racial discrimination in other cases involving black defendants. Obamism at work! If it is true that blacks get the death penalty more than whites, then why not argue that more white murderers should get the death penalty. As usual, the argument is not really about racial discrimination, it is about trying to end the death penalty itself.

Dishonor in the ranks

Recently, in Winston-Salem, NC, Phillip James Every, 58, the owner the Karate USA karate school for over 30 years, was sentenced to four years of probation after he pleaded guilty to violating the state's sex-offender registry laws by working at business at which he was responsible for coaching minors. Every stopped teaching at the school after he was convicted in 2001 of indecent liberties with a child, for talking lewdly on the phone with a minor student of his while masturbating, and for assault on a female, for rubbing a student's buttocks, but he returned to teaching karate after he finished probation. At the time, this wasn’t a crime, but in 2006, the state's laws changed to ban sex offenders from coaching or supervising children. The State Bureau of Investigation sent letters to all sex offenders notifying them of the change, but Every kept teaching karate. Karate USA is now closed.

Hate is news, sometimes

Weeks after they have occurred, there is still constant media coverage of the murder of the abortion doctor and about how there is too much hate in the country. However, the murder of the soldier at a recruiting office by a radical Muslim is all but forgotten. Apparently, expressing your religious views by hating and killing those who are in opposition to them is not major news, unless you are expressing Christian views.

Another Myth

Supposedly, high school students must get good grades and perform community service to get them into the best colleges. Maybe it helps, but once they get in college, instead of good grades, less than half of them stay around long enough to get a degree, and community service only consists of public drunken behavior. College students are taught diversity, environmentalism, and why they should vote for and support the liberal agenda, but they are not taught to do what it takes to get a degree and they are not taught how to be responsible citizens.

Good and Bad

Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, says that although Michael Jackson’s life was challenged by heavy and extravagant debt, allegations of child abuse, the abuse of drugs, and all types of freakish and deviant behavior, we should forget all that and celebrate his art. Hey, that sounds great! Let’s also celebrate the art of Adolf Hitler, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Henry Lee Lucas and other deviant artists. After all, art transcends deviant behavior, no matter how deviant the artist.

Apparently, Powell, as do others, thinks we should only remember the good people did in their lives, not all the bad they did. This goes back to the belief that your life as a whole should be judged on a balance scale. If all the good you have done is placed on one side of the scale and all the bad you have done is placed on the other, if the good exceeds the bad, then you should be judged to be a good person. The problem comes with the weight that is assigned to each item. For example, people want to assign the selling a record number of music albums more weight than they assign to being being a drug addict or a pervert. People should have the guts to stand up for what is good, if they don’t, sooner or later all that will remain is the bad.

Aging, Retirement, and Health

Many people do not think about aging, retirement, or their health when they are younger, they only seek pleasure for the moment. Then when they get old, want to retire, or get ill, they want others to bail them out. For decades, they spent all their money on having fun with no concern for the future, and now they think taxpayers should help them. They think that people who suffered, saved, and planned throughout their lives so they would be prepared in their later years should help them since they are in need. To this people, I say, "You made you bed, now lie in it."

Get a Life

What does it say about a person when his or her goal in life is to emulate a celebrity, see some celebrity in person, morn some celebrity, etc. You would expect this from a teenager that has no clue what life is about, but when you see adults doing this it tells you that they have no lives of their own so they have to live them vicariously through the lives of public figures or fictional characters.


The Poor SchoolImage via Wikipedia
Everyone laments about how the poor are lagging behind the rest of the population in car ownership, broadband access, home ownership, health insurance coverage, etc. No shit! That is what poor means. In every society that exists or has ever existed, there is a class structure. No matter how “equal” a class structure is supposed to be, some people will not have as much as others and will consider themselves “poor.” The “poor” in the United States are not lagging behind in smoking, drinking, gold jewelry ownership, and illegal drug use; they always find money to satisfy their vices even if it means they, or their children, must go hungry, which is unlikely since we taxpayers give them food stamps.

Being poor is relative. There are natives living in third world villages who we consider to be poor, while in their villages and cultures they are considered rich. Being poor does mean you break the law or have to live in a filthy house. Many poor people are good, honest people who take pride in what they have, no matter how meager it may be. Being poor merely means you do not have the things others may have and you may have to work harder for what you do have. For most people, being poor is an incentive to do better; for others it is an excuse to do nothing. For most people, poor is state of mind.
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We see headlines that say “Veteran groups want alleged torture photos released,” “Veteran groups support Obama’s war polices,”  “Veteran groups are against war,” etc. Who are these veterans?

Unofficially, anyone may claim to be a veteran. Officially, a veteran is a person who:
  • served on active duty for other than training for a period of more than 180 days and was discharged with other than a dishonorable discharge;  or
  • was discharged because of a service-connected disability; or
  • as a member of a reserve component served, under orders, on active duty during a period of war or in a campaign or expedition for which a campaign badge is authorized and was discharged or released from such duty with other than a dishonorable discharge.
A Dishonorable Discharge (DD) is a punitive discharge that may only be awarded to an enlisted member by a General Court-Martial for a serious offense, such as desertion, sexual assault, or murder, for which a dishonorable discharge was part of the sentence. All veterans' benefits are lost.

The other types of discharges are:
  • Honorable Discharge. A honorable discharge indicates the person met or exceeded the required standards of duty performance and personal conduct.
  • General Discharge. A general discharges indicates the person’s performance was satisfactory, but was marked by a considerable departure in duty performance and conduct expected of military members. General discharges are always preceded by some form of nonjudicial punishment for unacceptable behavior.
  • Other Than Honorable (OTH) Discharge, An OTH indicates the person had a serious departure from the conduct and performance expected of all military members. An OTH is typically given for conviction by a civilian court in which a sentence of confinement was adjudged or in which the conduct leading to the conviction brought discredit upon the service. Most veteran benefits are not available to those who receive an OTH discharge.
  • Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD). A BCD is a punitive discharge that can only be given by a court-martial as punishment to an enlisted service-member. They are often preceded by a period of confinement in a military prison. Virtually all veterans' benefits are forfeited by a BCD.
Therefore, veterans are not all created equal. A veteran may be a decorated war hero or a slug that was discharged after six months for assaulting an officer. When you hear about what some veteran or veteran group has said, you should consider the if the speakers really are veterans, and, if they are, what kind of veteran they are.
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Double Standard

One woman made an Electolux commercial where she portrayed a super mom who could work all day and still do all her motherly home chores with a smile, and she was criticized for reinforcing the invisible jobs women are supposed to continue even though they work 40 hours a week. Another woman produces and stars in her own one hour medical drama where each week she portrays a chief nurse who can do everything in a hospital with a smile and still be a single super mom at home, and, even thought the show is a flop, she is still praised for her work. One of the women is Jada Pinkett Smith is and the other is Kelly Rippa. Guess which one is criticized and which one is praised, and why.
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Kessler Syndrome

Do you enjoy satellite television, high-speed communications, GPS, satellite weather forecasts, not having space debris land on your head, etc? It may all come to an end. The Kessler Syndrome describes the scenario where satellites hit other satellites or space debris producing more debris that strikes other satellites and so on until low earth orbit (LEO) is so cluttered that satellite use and space travel become impossible and space debris begins falling on populated areas. On February 10, 2009, Iridium 33, a 12-foot-long, 1200 pound communication satellite and Kosmos 2251, a 1-ton Russian military satellite collided 500 miles above Siberia at 26,000 mph generating a debris cloud that spread around the earth in just a few hours. As more and more debris build up in space, more collisions will take place until the Kessler Syndrome takes effect and the use of space comes to an end.