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Must be nice to be God

Last week at a church in a nearby town, children were playing in the cemetery while their parents stood nearby. A large stone cross toppled and crushed a four-year-old girl to death. When a child is healed of a deadly disease, it is called a miracle from God. What is it called when a child is killed by a cross at a church? The pastor called it a freak occurrence. Why is not the healing of a child also considered a freak occurrence? God gets excused when things go bad and gets thanked when things go good; you can do no wrong when you are God.

God speaks!

A local high school student recently died in a vehicle accident. A local man with two daughters who attend the same high school was at the beach this past weekend with his family. While on the beach, he carved a tribute to the student in the sand. A religious youth group from the high school was nearby, saw the tribute, and saw it as words from God. The man later said God told him to carve the words. It’s interesting how God speaks. After millions of years of dealing with mankind, he still does it by “signs.”

God's will

Prayers are or are not answered. Why? Because it was God's will; thus, making the prayers a waste of time. Unless, prayers are able to change God's will. Since God knows the future, the future is predetermined since he already knows what will happen, regardless of your prayers. Or, is God so powerful that, if enough people pray, he can change the future that he already knows will occur. If this is so, then prayers can change the will of God, making prayers, and thus mankind, more powerful than God himself. Then, instead of being an all powerful, overseer, God is merely powerful tool being told what to do by the prayers of man.

God's Words

Why is that, when God writes something, such as the ten commandments he etched in the stone tablets, it is clear, concise, and unambiguous, such as "Thou shall not steal," but, when men write something that "God told them," it is symbolic, wordy, ambiguous, and open to many different interpretations? If God has something to say, why does he not just write it himself and eliminate the "sinful" middle men.


What if a textbook did not put all exam requirements in the same place?What if had to search the entire book for what you thought were the requirements, and then, once you found what you thought were the correct requirements, you had to out them in order of importance and when they should occurrence? What if, to form a paragraph that told the whole story, you had to search the entire book for what you thought were sentences that belonged in the paragraph, put the sentences in correct order, and then interpret what the completed paragraph meant? What if the requirements were vague and open to interpretation, and were mixed into parables or totally unrelated subjects? What if you were to be tested on what the author of the textbook meant to say, but the textbook, instead of being written by the author, was written by numerous ghost writers who wrote about what they thought the author had said to someone else decades before.What if your score on the final exam would determine if you went to heaven or hell for eternity? There is such a textbook; it is called the Bible.

Proof of Not Believing

Dale Neumann of Wausau, WI, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter for praying for his daughter as she slowly died of diabetes instead of seeking life-saving medical help. His wife has already been convicted of the same offense. His lawyer says there is not a shred of evidence that Neumann knew his prayers would fail to help his daughter or cause her death. How is the state supposed to prove that Neumann knew that his prayers would not work when there is no proof that prayers do work. Using this logic, Neumann could say he believed a doctor from Mars would land his spaceship in his back yard and save his daughter, and, since the state could not prove he did not believe this to be true, Neumann should not be charged with manslaughter. People will believe most anything; radical Muslims believe all Americans are infidels and must die. Does this exonerate them of their killings us?

Hope and Pray

I hear people say “I hope and pray that everything will be okay.” If you believe in prayer, why do you need hope? Hope is a belief that everything will work out for the best. Prayer is asking God to work everything out for the best. If you believe that God will answer your prayer, then there is no need for hope. What would you hope for; that your prayer will be answered.

Pick and Choose

Some refer to biblical verses that condemn homosexuality while they ignore similar verses that condemn such things as wearing clothes made of two types of cloth or eating shellfish. To justify their beliefs, some say there are moral laws in the Bible, which never change, and other types of laws in the Bible, which can change. However, the Bible does not make these distinctions.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, "Till heaven and earth pass, not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law," and he condemned those would break "one of these least commandments …" Apparently Jesus gave all the laws equal importance.

Some believe that Christianity supplanted the Mosaic Law, but there is no place in the Bible that says it only supplanted certain Mosaic laws and not others. Quoting biblical verses to condemn homosexuals or other people or behaviors with which you do no agree, while ignoring other verses that condemn behaviors in which you participate is hypocrisy.

Image of Jesus

People keep seeing the image of Jesus everywhere. In trees, in bagels, walls, in windows, in cereal, etc. How do they know how Jesus looks, either at the age of 33 or now, after over 2,000 years? Just as people hear what they want to hear, they see what they want to see

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Looking Down

People are always talking about how their deceased loved ones are looking down on them. A basketball player talks about how his mother always wanted the best for him and how he knows she was looking down on him as his team won the game. If deceased loved ones are able to look down on your life, then they are able to look down on your life all the time, not just when you want them to. That means the mother was also looking down on the ballplayer the night before the game when he was having sex with prostitute and smoking crack. It seems to be a human trait to create things that make them feel good and excuse their actions,  even when the things are illogical, unreasonable, improvable, and stupid.

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I was raised in a Southern Baptist church but, even as child, I questioned what I was being taught and what I saw and heard. One question was: why do Christians who profess to believe in life after death and going to heaven to live forever with God in love, peace, and eternal happiness do so much to avoid dying and mourn so much when a fellow Christian dies? If the person is going to a better place, it seems that everyone should be happy. It appears that Christians are selfish and want to keep their loved ones away from God as long as possible. One thing about radical Muslims, they practice what they preach. They believe in the hereafter and seek to get there was soon as possible.

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