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Remember when the media reported? Now they reportedly.

All the answers

We should only elect political commentators and columnists to public office. They are the only ones who know what's the best thing to do for every situation and how it should be done.

The media

The media no longer report what happened; they report what could have happened, might have happened, would have happened, should have happened, etc. Instead of facts, they report rumors, gossip, hearsay, speculations, insinuations, feelings, judgments, impressions, opinions, social media, etc. Their purpose is no longer to inform; it is to persuade.

Still crazy?

Why aren’t there any more claims in the media about President Trump being insane, crazy, demented, etc? If he was insane before his annual medical exam, why isn’t he still insane?


California and Colorado must be the healthiest states in the United States since they have full access to the miracle drug that cures about every disease; at least that’s what marijuana advocates have claimed for decades.

Concealed weapons

In 1996, North Carolina passed a concealed carry law. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

Then NC allowed concealed weapon permit holder to carry in certain parks. Opponents said there would be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!.

Then NC allowed concealed weapon permit holders to carry on greenways, where alcohol is served, and to store weapons in locked cars on education property. Opponents say there will be blood in the streets. DID NOT HAPPEN!


Ever notice how politicians are so easily horrified and outraged. If they are  horrified  at a comment made by an opponent, what are they when they when they hear the confession of a mass murderer. If they are outraged by a painting in an art show, what are they when they see a the body of child that has been dismembered by an abortionist. 

Is that so?

On 17 August 2015, Elwood Robinson, the chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, laid out his 5-year plan to the board of trustees. One of his statements was "Most of our students come from families who earn less than $50,000 a year and are victims of racism and discrimination."

We may assume the family income number is true since it may be verified through the university's student financial records. However, what about the part where he said that MOST of the university's students were victims of racism and discrimination? Are we to assume this to be true because WSSU students are predominately black and everyone knows that MOST blacks are victims of racism and discrimination?


China badminton players were tossed out of the Olympics for trying to lose matches to get better playing positions in finals. If the coach had just told the officials that he knew his team was going to win all the matches so he just wanted to let other teams win some matches to build their self-esteem, then they would have been praised instead of being punished. 

Cures for what ails you

Why are we spending so much on doctors and medicine when it is not needed? All you have to do is read the newspaper, watch television, or listen to the radio to learn that there are cures for almost every disease, that are free, and that they are just a phone call away. All you have to do is give them your credit card number to pay for shipping and handling. Of course, there is a problem, the "cures" do not work, the shipping and handling fees are exorbitant, and, once they get your credit card number, they will continue to send you the product and bill you the same exorbitant amount until you tell them to stop, and that you will find it is nearly impossible to get them to stop.

Secret agenda

I watch the television show House Hunters. From the large number of episodes that involve homosexuals, one might assume that a large portion of couples in the United States are homosexual couples. However, according to the 2010 census, only about 5% of Americans report that they are homosexual. Something is wrong here.

A tale of two dog parks

There are two dog parks in Forsyth County, NC. Each one is unique in the type of people who bring their dogs to it. 

Washington Park is 1 mile from the center of Winston-Salem. On a typical visit, you will find at least one owner who thinks their dog does no wrong, at least one owner who will ignore the dog and what it does, at least one owner who will panic if another dog plays with his or her dog, and at least one owner who will let his or her dog take balls and discs from other dogs and will even then use the toy to play with his or her dog. Many owners, and their dogs. are at the park every day and think it is their territory so they become territorial.

Horizon's Park is about 15 miles from the city center. Being in a rural area, the dog park gets fewer visitors and most visitors are from rural areas. On a typical visit, you will find ordinary people out to play with their dogs and to let their dogs play with each other. The owners are attentive to their dogs and are friendly and helpful to other owners and their dogs. There are rarely any problems with the dogs or their owners.

Humans are stupid

As humans, we tend to think that we are intelligent. Look at what we have accomplished since we have been on earth—music, art, technology, medicine, space travel, etc. However, as a whole, we are still stupid. Look at what else we have accomplished since we have been on earth—war, eradication other species, torture of animals and humans, belief that there is an utopia than may be attained by socialism, belief that we can borrow our way out of debt, belief that everyone is equal, belief that aliens from other planets walk among us, belief that some people can communicate with the dead, belief that the position of the stars and planets affects our daily lives, and beliefs in other unsubstantiated, unverifiable, far-fetched ideas, theories, and religions.

Birds of a feather

The old saying goes "Birds of a feather flock together." This applies to idiots, such as the Occupiers and fans of Michael Jackson. The idiot philosophy of life is:
  • If you do not have what it takes to be successful in life, then attack the ones who are successful.
  • If you are an unimportant nobody, then act like somebody important by yelling obscenities and being a public nuisance, or by worshiping a perverted freak.

Too Entertaining

China is cracking down on television shows that are deemed "too entertaining." That is not a problem in the United States; not the cracking down part, but the having shows that are "too entertaining" part.


Is anyone else sick of pink? What makes breast cancer so special? It is because celebrities have chosen it as their cause-du-jour and, since public sheep want to associate themselves with celebrities in an effort to give their lives some meaning, they jump on the bandwagon. Over the decades, billions of dollars have gone to breast cancer research. Other than making researchers and fundraisers wealthy, there has been little progress in finding a cure in relation to the amount of money spent.

Iraq Hikers

Now that the nation has spent millions of dollars to get three idiot hikers returned to the US, they will probably write books (actually ghost written as Obama has done for "his" books) and get millions from the books. Wonder if they will repay taxpayers for what we paid to free them? I hear they are planning their next hike in China along the border with North Korea.

All doctors should be arrested

All doctors should be arrested for withholding disease cures from the public. From advertisements in the media, I have learned there are cures for obesity, baldness, low energy, arthritis, etc. that are not being prescribed by doctors. The makers of these cures will even send you free samples. Doctors must be on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies for withholding these treatments because we all know that the media would not support something that was fraudulent. We all know they are trustworthy and would not allow lies to be told just to further an agenda or make a dollar.


A young, black, Winston-Salem, NC television personality was drunk driving after a party, lost control of his vehicle in a construction zone, and killed a pedestrian. He was remorseful and plead guilty from the beginning. His trial was quick, he served 2 years in prison, got out or prison, and restarted his life.

A white, Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon with multiple DUI arrests was drunk driving at a high rate of speed, rammed a car, and killed a young aspiring ballerina. He had prvious DWIs, showed little remorse, never apologized, delayed his trial for over 2 years, was sentenced to 3 to 4 years in prison,  got to leave prison during the week to work at a local pharmaceutical company got 48-hour weekend passes on a regular basis to visit with his family, was released after 3 years, and is now a practicing plastic surgeon again.

Integrity and personal responsibility are not related to race; you either have them or you do not have them.

Check out for information about the martial arts.

Pot Head

I was chatting with an old pot head today. He said weed was not addictive; that he had smoked weed for 40 years because it helped control his anxiety. He said was not addicted. I asked how he knew it helped him. He said because when he stopped smoking marijuana, it made him nervous and anxious; which of course was not related to his being addicted to marijuana. This from an engineer who is out of work because he said he has problems dealing with authority.