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According to liberals, the country is divided since Trump too office,. If this is true, then it must mean it was united under when Obama was in office. If so many people were united so much for a progressive liberal then why did so many of them vote for Trump and not another liberal?

According to liberals, Trump is crazy, no one likes him, no one trusts him, he is ruining the country, other nations hate him, he is anti-everything, etc. An yet, they are desperately trying to find a way, someone, or something that will stop him from being reelected. If he is all they say he is, it should be an easy win for them.

Shadow people

Ever heard of shadow people? These are the wispy figures that appear in dark shadows or appear in your peripheral vision. They are usually described as
  • Tall, slender, bipedal figures.
  • Dark, one-dimensional shadows.
  • Not quite a fully human form or without any detailed facial or body features.
  • Wearing a hat and a trench coat or a cape.
  • Having glowing red or orange eyes. 
Some may be similar to the Outlier logo of this blog.

When you first notice shadow people, you have an ominous feeling about them and may freeze, and, as you watch them closely, they also don't move. When you turn a light on them, they disappear, and when you remove the light, they don't reappear. Much like the Weeping Angles in the BBC television show Doctor Who, shadow people only seem to move when you are not looking at them.

What are shadow people? Some say they are extraterrestrials, demons or other spirits, astral bodies, time travelers, interdimensional beings, or just figments of imagination. More likely, the reason for seeing shadow people is the same reason we see the face of a man on the surface of the moon or mars or we see the image of Jesus on a wall or on a piece of burned toast or we see the image of Satan in a cloud of smoke; it's called pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. While at first, something may seem to be just a random assemblage of shapes and colors, once you pick out or have pointed out an object in the clutter, you see it and cannot unsee it. Likewise, a random noise may sound like a word if you are told to listen for the word. Numerous examples of pareidolia can be found on the internet. 

Humans have evolved to quickly identify the human shape, as well as the shapes of other animals in their environment because they may be potential threats. Camouflage clothing works not because it hides the soldier from view, but because it hides the shape of the soldier.

Maybe there is another explanation for shadow people. Maybe they are manifestations of outliers who are studying other humans in an effort to understand why they say, do, and believe such stupid things, such as the existence of shadow people.

Again with the heroes

Every time there is a catastrophe, conspiracy theories arise, but also other dubious claims arise. An example is the claims that abounded after the murders in the movie theater in Aurora , Colorado.

It appears that every boyfriend that died was a hero for sacrificing himself to protect his girlfriend. A just as believable version would be that they were both running away, she tripped, and he fell on top of her. Or, they were both running away, he was shot, and fell on top of her. Or, they both dived to the floor and since she was in front of him, he landed on top of her.

Does this mean the girlfriends that died did so because they had boyfriends who were cowards because they did not sacrifice themselves to save them? Apparently, women are still helpless and need men to protect them. You never hear of girlfriends falling on top of boyfriends to protect them. Are women cowards?

The heroes would have been the ones running TOWARD the killer in an attempt to stop him from killing more people.

The same week of the 12 murders in Colorado, 14 died in a truck accident in Texas. Where is all the concern for them? Most people do not even know about the Texas deaths. What is classified as a tragedy is determined by who it was that was killed (from whom may the media garner the most attention) and whether the media decides to make the incident into a tragedy. Fourteen people killed by a truck is local news, twelve people kill by a firearm if a national tragedy.


Isn't it strange how schools say cannot control bullying, but they have cracked down on such things as drawing a stick figure of a gun, bringing unhealthful food in lunchboxes, offending Muslims by wearing a tee shirt with a Bible verse on it, or offending illegal immigrants by wearing a tee shirt with an American flag on it. If you bully by only using force, it appears schools cannot control it, however, if you offend anyone, they will squash you.

Presumed innocent

"Craigslist Killer" Philip Markoff committed suicide in his jail cell awaiting trial. Since, according to the media, he only "allegedly" committed the crime and the media likes to misuse the "presumed innocent until proven guilty" statement (it only applies to court trials, not pretrial; he is presumed guilty, that is why he was arrested), I guess this means they will be saying he is innocent and will forever be innocent since he never had a trial.

Check out for information about the martial arts.

Cancer cure?

Have terminal prostate cancer and only a couple of months to live, then fly to Libya for hospice care. Abdel Baset Ali Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, did after he was released from prison by Scotland to die at home> He received a hero's welcome and and is still living large a year later. Funny how that works.

Hollywood excuses child rape

Hollywood elitists are ecstatic after the Sweden refused to extradite 77 year old director Roman Polanski who was convicted of drugging and having unlawful sex with Samantha Geimer, 13, in Los Angeles in 1977. Originally charged with six offenses, including rape and sodomy, he plead guilty to unlawful sex with a minor following a plea bargain but he fled to Europe before he could be sentenced. After all, hasn't he been punished enough by having to live in luxury in Europe all these years and not being able to come to America to receive all the awards Hollywood has bestowed upon him. Perhaps he could rape a child in Europe and then flee to the United States and then fight extraction back to Europe for years until until he dies.


The involuntary manslaughter conviction of Jonannes Mehserle, a white former transit officer, in the death of Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man, caused thousands of blacks to riot in the streets and loot stores.

This reminds me of when OJ Simpson, a black former football star player, was acquitted of murdering two white people and it caused thousands of whites to riot in the streets and loot stores. Not wait! I'm sorry, that's not correct. While OJ did murder the people, whites did not riot in the streets.

Choose the laws to obey

If an illegal immigrant is captured and sent to a deportation hearing, open border advocates will argue that the law is unjust and should not apply. If an illegal immigrant is arrested and charged with a crime, open border advocates will argue that the case should be dismissed because police did not obey some minor point of law.

No rest for the weary

Bad: During the gulf oil spill crisis, the president of BP took a day off and went boating.
Good: During the gulf oil spill crisis, fighting two wars, and a depression, the President of the United Sates took a day off and sent golfing.

BP Bird Kills

The media keeps showing a pelican covered in oil from the BO oil spill, but they never show the thousands of birds killed every day by wind turbines. Econuts say wind turbine bird kills are not that bad considering the number of birds killed by vehicle strikes and collisions with windows. Well, oil spill bird kills are not that bad considering the number of birds killed by wind turbines.

Same thing

Yesterday, at the University or Virginia, a lacrosse player killed his lacrosse player girlfriend. Today, we hear that the women's team will keep playing because that is what she would have wanted. How many players on your team have said "Hey guys, I just want to tell all of you that, if I die, I want the team to keep playing"? If her team will keep playing to honor her, what will the men's team do, keep playing to show support for him?


Episode 201 of South Park,  which continued a story line involving the Prophet Muhammad, was censored with audio bleeps and image blocks reading “CENSORED” after a the New York Muslim group,  Revolution Muslim, warned the show’s creators they could face violence for depicting that holy Islamic prophet.  Would the creators have done the same thing had a Christian group threatened them for their depictions of Jesus? The answer is no. They know Christians may complain, but that they are basically harmless and thus are subject to ridicule without fear of them actually causing harm. So much for Hollywood's claim of freedom of expression. They will attack anyone who does not fight back, but when threatened by someone they think may actually harm them, they run.

Equal Opportunity

The Navy wanted a woman to be the first to command a destroyer, the USS Winston S. Churchill, so they chose Commander Holly Graf. Of course, they only considered her record; they were not influenced by the fact that her father was a retired Navy captain, or that her older sister is a rear admiral who is married to a rear admiral. Then, despite reports of her demeaning, belittling, humiliating, and berating, the crew of the Churchill, she was subsequently promoted to captain and given command of a cruiser, the USS Cowpens, where she continued her reign of terror. Finally, on January 13, 2010, she was relieved of duty and charged with “cruelty and maltreatment” and “conduct unbecoming an officer. Apparently, the Navy is an equal opportunity employer; it allowed a woman to play the part of Captain Bligh. 

More Gore-ble Warming

Global warming experts, such as Gore, have predicted that the world as we know it will end in few years. Each spring for the last few years they have predicted increased and violent hurricane activity; when in fact, hurricane activity has decreased. This winter has been extremely cold worldwide. Now the global warmers say this is a only a pause in global warming that will return in a few decades.

Have nations done something in last few months to decrease their CO2 emissions and cause this phase, or is this just a part of the earths weather cycle (just like the warming) that man has no control over. Once again doomsday believers have failed in their predictions. Gore will probably now concentrate his efforts on the end of the world coming in December 2012.


Man who had done nothing for peace in his life, had been president of his country for one month, and who was leading his country in two wars wins Noble Prize for Peace.


Thousand of uninvited, illegal aliens cross the border every day, many of whom are murders, rapists, thieves, and drug and arms traffickers and Congress and the Obama administration could care less. So what gets them excited enough to hold congressional hearings and want a government crackdown, an uninvited couple who attended a capital dinner with the President.


 A man walked into a church and killed an abortion doctor in the name of God. Liberals consider him a heartless, murderer who is indicative of conservative Christians who are out of touch with modern society.

A man man walked into a his job at a military base and killed 13 coworkers in the name of Allah. Liberals consider him a victim of the military establishment who was only acting on his Muslim beliefs.

Pigs or Heroes

What's the difference between a being a soldier or a police officer and being a hero? Getting wounded or killed in the line of duty! When soldiers or police officers do their job properly, they are ignored, looked down upon,  and criticized When they do not do their jobs in the face of danger, they are considered cowards. When they do their jobs in the face of danger, and are wounded or killed. they are considered heroes. About the only way for soldiers or police officers to gain respect in our society is to get wounded or killed in the line of duty.  Soldiers and police officers are either pigs or heroes, and to be considered heroeo, they must die.

Presidental Concern

On 9/11/01, President Bush was meeting with a group of school children when he was notified of the attack on the twin towers. He showed concern on his face but calmly finished with the children before leaving and later giving an emotional, solemn address to the nation. Liberals criticized him for for years afterward for being a heartless, cold bastard for not leaving immediately after being notified of the attack.

On 11/5/09, President Obama was at a conference to promote his healthcare plan when he was notified of the massacre that had occurred at Fort Hood. He showed concern on his face but calmly finished his agenda before giving an address to the nation. He started his address with a big smile,  thanking everyone at the conference for their efforts, giving a shoutout to a friend, and saying that he would continue the fight for heathcare. Then, as an aside, he mention the massacure, reading his prepared notes with a solemn  face. He looked similar to a network newscaster or President Clinton, switching his mood to fit whatever story he was reading. Liberals praise him for his concern in this troubled time.