People say we can become energy independent by using ethanol! Where will all this ethanol come from? It will come from corn, a renewable resource. How is this program working so far? Well, the government gives corn growers subsidies to grow more corn. Corn requires water. More and more people are being born and they require water. There is a shortage of water in farming areas. Increasingly, there has been a shortage of rain in farming areas. The farms are short on water and the corn crops are dying. No corn, no ethanol. The result, the government is having to pay the corn farmers even more money so they can stay in business. 

Questions, questions, questions

Why are there no calls for diversity on professional sports teams, such as football and basketball teams?

Why are rich CEO's who lead the corporations who make things that you want and use every day, manage medical centers that save your life and keep you healthy, provide you with gasoline so you can go wherever you want to go, etc. considered evil because they are paid a lot of money while those in professional sports, television, movies, music, arts, news media, etc. who are paid just as much money but produce nothing but entertainment are not considered evil?

Why are the billionaire Kock brothers considered evil because they support conservative politicians while billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who support liberal politicians are not considered evil?

Remember in 2007, the promises of change, no more politics as usual, and government transparency? Remember when Bush was incompetent because he had no exit plan for the war in Afghanistan (which are still fighting 8 years later with no exit plan)? Remember when presidents were presidential and not entertainers?

If women are paid 20% less than men for the same work, why don't companies hire all women and save 20% on labor costs?

Why are criticisms of Obama considered unfounded and racially motivated while criticisms of Ben Carson, Ted Cruze, and Marco Rubio are considered legitimate and not related to race at all?

Why does belief in a vast left wing conspiracy make you a nut case while belief in a vast right wing conspiracy makes you a viable presidential candidate?

Why is it that the current batch of presidential candidates is the best that the citizens of the greatest country in the world can come up with?

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Ever notice how politicians are so easily horrified and outraged. If they are  horrified  at a comment made by an opponent, what are they when they when they hear the confession of a mass murderer. If they are outraged by a painting in an art show, what are they when they see a the body of child that has been dismembered by an abortionist. 

Is that so?

On 17 August 2015, Elwood Robinson, the chancellor of Winston-Salem State University, laid out his 5-year plan to the board of trustees. One of his statements was "Most of our students come from families who earn less than $50,000 a year and are victims of racism and discrimination."

We may assume the family income number is true since it may be verified through the university's student financial records. However, what about the part where he said that MOST of the university's students were victims of racism and discrimination? Are we to assume this to be true because WSSU students are predominately black and everyone knows that MOST blacks are victims of racism and discrimination?

Old quacks, new quacks

Remember the old days when people believed a person could read your palm and tell you about your future health. Remember when phrenology, making measurements of the skull, was used to predict certain personality traits. Scientists and other educated people said it was quackery. 

Now "educated" research scientists are saying that a crease in the ear lobe, receding hairlines, length of the fingers, fat in the eyelids, etc. indicate a higher risk for certain diseases.

Next researchers will be telling us that astrology is real.


China badminton players were tossed out of the Olympics for trying to lose matches to get better playing positions in finals. If the coach had just told the officials that he knew his team was going to win all the matches so he just wanted to let other teams win some matches to build their self-esteem, then they would have been praised instead of being punished. 

Cures for what ails you

Why are we spending so much on doctors and medicine when it is not needed? All you have to do is read the newspaper, watch television, or listen to the radio to learn that there are cures for almost every disease, that are free, and that they are just a phone call away. All you have to do is give them your credit card number to pay for shipping and handling. Of course, there is a problem, the "cures" do not work, the shipping and handling fees are exorbitant, and, once they get your credit card number, they will continue to send you the product and bill you the same exorbitant amount until you tell them to stop, and that you will find it is nearly impossible to get them to stop.

Again with the heroes

Every time there is a catastrophe, conspiracy theories arise, but also other dubious claims arise. An example is the claims that abounded after the murders in the movie theater in Aurora , Colorado.

It appears that every boyfriend that died was a hero for sacrificing himself to protect his girlfriend. A just as believable version would be that they were both running away, she tripped, and he fell on top of her. Or, they were both running away, he was shot, and fell on top of her. Or, they both dived to the floor and since she was in front of him, he landed on top of her.

Does this mean the girlfriends that died did so because they had boyfriends who were cowards because they did not sacrifice themselves to save them? Apparently, women are still helpless and need men to protect them. You never hear of girlfriends falling on top of boyfriends to protect them. Are women cowards?

The heroes would have been the ones running TOWARD the killer in an attempt to stop him from killing more people.

The same week of the 12 murders in Colorado, 14 died in a truck accident in Texas. Where is all the concern for them? Most people do not even know about the Texas deaths. What is classified as a tragedy is determined by who it was that was killed (from whom may the media garner the most attention) and whether the media decides to make the incident into a tragedy. Fourteen people killed by a truck is local news, twelve people kill by a firearm if a national tragedy.

Secret agenda

I watch the television show House Hunters. From the large number of episodes that involve homosexuals, one might assume that a large portion of couples in the United States are homosexual couples. However, according to the 2010 census, only about 5% of Americans report that they are homosexual. Something is wrong here.

A tale of two dog parks

There are two dog parks in Forsyth County, NC. Each one is unique in the type of people who bring their dogs to it. 

Washington Park is 1 mile from the center of Winston-Salem. On a typical visit, you will find at least one owner who thinks their dog does no wrong, at least one owner who will ignore the dog and what it does, at least one owner who will panic if another dog plays with his or her dog, and at least one owner who will let his or her dog take balls and discs from other dogs and will even then use the toy to play with his or her dog. Many owners, and their dogs. are at the park every day and think it is their territory so they become territorial.

Horizon's Park is about 15 miles from the city center. Being in a rural area, the dog park gets fewer visitors and most visitors are from rural areas. On a typical visit, you will find ordinary people out to play with their dogs and to let their dogs play with each other. The owners are attentive to their dogs and are friendly and helpful to other owners and their dogs. There are rarely any problems with the dogs or their owners.

Must be nice to be God

Last week at a church in a nearby town, children were playing in the cemetery while their parents stood nearby. A large stone cross toppled and crushed a four-year-old girl to death. When a child is healed of a deadly disease, it is called a miracle from God. What is it called when a child is killed by a cross at a church? The pastor called it a freak occurrence. Why is not the healing of a child also considered a freak occurrence? God gets excused when things go bad and gets thanked when things go good; you can do no wrong when you are God.


Isn't it strange how schools say cannot control bullying, but they have cracked down on such things as drawing a stick figure of a gun, bringing unhealthful food in lunchboxes, offending Muslims by wearing a tee shirt with a Bible verse on it, or offending illegal immigrants by wearing a tee shirt with an American flag on it. If you bully by only using force, it appears schools cannot control it, however, if you offend anyone, they will squash you.

Humans are stupid

As humans, we tend to think that we are intelligent. Look at what we have accomplished since we have been on earth—music, art, technology, medicine, space travel, etc. However, as a whole, we are still stupid. Look at what else we have accomplished since we have been on earth—war, eradication other species, torture of animals and humans, belief that there is an utopia than may be attained by socialism, belief that we can borrow our way out of debt, belief that everyone is equal, belief that aliens from other planets walk among us, belief that some people can communicate with the dead, belief that the position of the stars and planets affects our daily lives, and beliefs in other unsubstantiated, unverifiable, far-fetched ideas, theories, and religions.

Martial Arts for Dummies

Martial art "masters" are writing books that may be considered to be in the "Martial Arts for Dummies" category of writing. Many of these books are illogical, lack any type of empirical proof, rely upon unproven claims of some mysterious forces at work, and often are just outright lies. One may ask "Who would believe this mumbo jumbo?" That's an easy question to answer. Just consider who the books are written for.

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Birds of a feather

The old saying goes "Birds of a feather flock together." This applies to idiots, such as the Occupiers and fans of Michael Jackson. The idiot philosophy of life is:
  • If you do not have what it takes to be successful in life, then attack the ones who are successful.
  • If you are an unimportant nobody, then act like somebody important by yelling obscenities and being a public nuisance, or by worshiping a perverted freak.