Ban killer cars

In Arizona over the weekend, a self-driving Uber car killed a woman who was crossing the street. The vehicle was operating in autonomous mode when it struck her but there was a human in the driver’s seat (probably texting).

This is just another case of things killing people, such as when firearms kill people. It is obvious that self-driving vehicles are dangerous. There is no need for self-driving vehicles. What if one plows into a school and kills innocent children. They should be banned, no matter the type of vehicle, the size of the engine, or the number of cylinders in the engine. The only reason these vehicles are around is that of all the money car makers and the AAA pay lobbyists and the money they donate to politicians. Ban all self-driving vehicles or at least ones with big engines—if it saves just one life, it is worth it.

Where's the outrage?

Why are there no student outrages, marches, protests, walkouts, etc. because of the hundreds of teenagers and children that are killed each year because of the use of alcohol and/or tobacco?

Still crazy?

Why aren’t there any more claims in the media about President Trump being insane, crazy, demented, etc? If he was insane before his annual medical exam, why isn’t he still insane?